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The Happy Couple. Into The Woods CD / 12" LP

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Felicite Records

Take a German/British duo channeling late '60s folk-psych and electronica pioneers like Wendy & Bonnie, The Feminine Complex and The United States of America, mix in equal parts obsessive record collecting and a background in jangly indiepop (with previous releases on Slumberland and Matinée), add vintage equipment from Joe Watson's studio (Stereolab/The High Llamas) and guest trumpeter Gary Olson (Ladybug Transistor), and there you have it: Into the Woods by The Happy Couple. Quiet piano melodies, guitar noise, and bleeps of all kinds are entangled in unusual song structures to create a sound that is restrained yet exuberant, complex yet accessible. About leaving, coming home, and the journey in-between, Into the Woods reveals its subtleties with repeated listenings.
released May 19, 2014


The Happy Couple are Johanna Maier (vocals) and Tom Hilverkus (keys & guitars) with Grant Allardyce (drums), Joe Watson (harmonium on track 4) and Gary Olson (trumpet on track 7).

All songs written by Johanna Maier and Tom Hilverkus. Copyright Control / PRS.

Recorded 2013 at West Street Loft, Shoreham-by-Sea, and Flipflop, Brighton.

Trumpet recorded by Gary Olson at Marlborough Farms, Brooklyn, NY.
Engineered and mixed by Joe Watson at Flipflop, Brighton.
Mastered by Jon Chaikin at NonStop Sound, San Francisco, CA.
Artwork by Johanna Maier with Nicole Meyke, Hamburg and Alexander Bailey, Berkeley, CA.

Vinyl manufactured by Key Production (London) Ltd. - Made in England.